Grow a Spine

Grow a spine, so the saying goes, but in order for it to be strong, one must keep it flexible. In the medical world, the spinal muscles are important. Building and preserving spinal strength is central to staying healthy and active at any age.

Just Ask

This is pretty simple, but a word of advice. Just ask. Don't ever assume that people know what you are thinking or that this is just the way it is. As they say when you assume, that just makes and "ass of u and me." 

Flowers are Red

I was thinking about moments in my life that had a profound impact on me. The one I had was in my freshman year Psychology 101 class at Cornell University with Dr. James Maas.

Confidence - Part 1

Well, someone this past week asked me to speak about confidence. I was referred from two different people from the company. First, I am humbled that people thought of me, but second, is that how I am perceived?

Work It Girl!

Ugh. I don't wanna get dressed. Ever have one of those days when you are trying to figure out what to where to work? Or when your carefully planned outfits the night before didn't end up the way you imagined it in your head?